Finding his way back home

My first encounter with zydeco music was one track on a CD lent to me by my ex husband’s uncle. It was a Clifton Chenier song, but later it was Buckwheat Zydeco that got me hooked. I am sure there are a lot of people like me who will say the same. Buckwheat Zydeco made it big – ‘it’ being zydeco music. He expanded his music’s reach. He made the audience bigger; big enough to reach me way up north.

In 1999 I caught him at the Edmonton Blues Festival. It wasn’t easy to find zydeco music from here, and there was no iTunes to turn to. I am pretty sure I found my first few songs on Napster.

I also saw him in 2002 at the Winspear Centre – I have the ticket stub to prove it. I got iTunes not long after that and since then have had a zydeco playlist.


I love music, almost all genres, and this was one genre and one artist that I have had the fortune and joy to discover in my 48 years of listening on this planet so far. I don’t want to get into some long blog about Buckwheat Zydeco or zydeco music. I just want to acknowledge his passing, and tip my hat to his influence.

So here are some songs to see him off, as he finds his way back home:

Mon Papa – Cajun Waltz

Hot Tamale Baby

ma Tit fille

On A Night Like This – 1989

Finding My Way Back Home

buckwheat1If you want to know more go to:


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