Beautiful loser, good-bye

2016 was not kind to the devoted music lover.

BowiePrince, and now Leonard Cohen. Very different as artists, but similar in the breadth of influence.

(Photo By Roland Godefroy - click image for source)
(Photo By Roland Godefroy – click image for source)

Sometimes I have felt that, as a Canadian, I am contractually obligated to like Leonard Cohen and so omit him as a refusal to appear too obedient.

If you’ve asked me what great songwriting poets I love, I’ve said Tom Waits for his dystopian, sober, shadow world hidden in a song. Or Bob Dylan for the way he lays plain the path behind us and the path before.

But I should list Leonard Cohen. For the sweet melancholy of his lyrics. For the unremorseful introspection. For the inward facing mirror on the human condition that he spun out in simple melody.

It has usually been when other artists cover his songs that I have realized their beauty. And they are beautiful. Beautiful enough to list.

Good-bye, Leonard.

The Partisan

In My Secret Life

First We Take Manhattan


I’m Your Man

Bird On A Wire

Chelsea Hotel

Famous Blue Raincoat

I Can’t Forget

Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

So long Marianne

You know who I am




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