May earworm roundup

I wake up almost every morning with an earworm. Some fade quickly, other last for days. Sometimes they make me happy, sometimes they make me doubt my own sanity. They come from all genres. I can rarely know what triggers them. The only thing I do know and that they do without fail is reinforce my belief that all music is connected and good music never goes out of style.

Here’s a roundup of my May earworms.

10 Songs of Springtime

Spring is finally here in the north. It seems like we go to bed one day to dull, dead brown last year’s grass, and wake up the next to flowers, leaves and birds singing.

To celebrate the welcome arrival of colour and birdsong, here are 10 of my favourite popular music songs about spring.

  1. Frank Sinatra – Spring Is Here
  2. Astrud Gilberto – It Might as Well Be Spring
  3. Ella Fitzgerald – Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Holly Cole does a great version of this song too)
  4. Lou Rawls – Spring Again 
  5. Barbra Streisand – You Must Believe in Spring
  6. Judy Collins – So Early, Early In The Spring
  7. Tom Waits – You Can Never Hold Back Spring
  8. Sarah Vaughan – Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
  9. k.d. lang – I Dream Of Spring
  10. Mario Lanza – Younger Than Springtime


Women classical composers – the May edition

As is the case with all too many things historical, the talent of women composers is underrepresented in the genre of classical music. In spite of the odds being against them women wrote, and continue to write, exceptional classical music that can be enjoyed today. They deserve more exposure, so it feels like a good idea to do my bit to mitigate our cultural musical myopia.

Below are five female classical composers whose works I enjoy, with links to songs for each of them.


Julia Ward Howe

Julia Ward Howe (May 27, 1819 – October 17, 1910) was an all-round super woman, an author, poet abolitionist, social activist, and suffragist.


Anne Dudley (born May 7) was the first BBC Concert Orchestra‘s Composer in Association.


Debbie Wiseman (born May 10) composes for film and tv.


Maria Theresia Paradis

Judith Weir (born May 11) writes operas.


Maria Theresia von Paradis (May 15, 1759 – February 1, 1824) may have been Mozart’s inspiration for his Piano Concerto No. 18 in B flat major.




Classical composers – the May edition

I have broad, perhaps somewhat eclectic taste in music. This is by accident rather than design. Most of the genres outside what gets airplay on popular radio I have luckily stumbled upon while on other paths. Our culture doesn’t really expose young people en masse to much more than current popular music, and that’s a shame. I feel like it’s a good idea to do my bit to mitigate our cultural musical myopia.

Below are links to 31 works of classical music by composers you’ll find on my iPod, and two links to works by composers most of us would know – all artists born in May, whose works I have enjoyed.

Richard Wagner

Johannes Brahms  

Richard Wagner 

Gabriel Fauré 

Erik Satie 

  1. Hugo Alfvén 
  2. Jean-Baptiste Barrière
  3. Ludwig August Lebrun
  4. Hans Christian Lumbye 
  5. Jean-Frédéric Edelmann 
  6. Carl Stamitz 
  7. Louis Moreau Gottschalk 
  8. Giovanni Paisiello 
  9. Julius Röntgen
  10. Jan van Gilse
  11. William Grant Still

    Joseph Marx

  12. William Grant Still
  13. Josip Štolcer-Slavenski
  14. Johann Baptist Wanhal 
  15. Franz Anton Hoffmeister 
  16. Giovanni Battista Viotti 
  17. Adolf von Henselt 
  18. Otto Klemperer
  19. Boris Parsadanian 
  20. Andrei Eshpai 
  21. Francesco Pasquale Ricci 
  22. Otto Klemperer

    Werner Egk 

  23. Jean Cras 
  24. Andrea Luchesi 
  25. Ignaz Moscheles 
  26. Józef Wieniawski 
  27. Jean Françaix
  28. Paul Paray 
  29. Claude Champagne 
  30. Isaac Albéniz 
  31. Alfredo Antonini