My Edmonton Folk Music Festival dozen

I’ve been attending the Edmonton Folk Music Festival for years now, rain and shine.

The quality of music I’ve heard over the years is consistently high, no matter if there is a big name headliner or  not, the quality is always exceptional. It would be way too much work to ran the artists and make a playlist based on my preferences – since they shift daily anyway. So below is a random sampling of a dozen songs by a dozen artists I look forward too seeing at the Folk Festival this year. Could I have included more? Sure. But then what would you have to look forward to?

  1. 100 mile houseHiraeth
  2. AltamedaQueen Of The Street
  3. Amadou & Mariam feat. Manu ChaoSénégal Fast Food
  4. Birds of ChicagoBarley
  5. Cécile Doo-KinguéAnybody Listening
  6. The DecemberistsDon’t Carry It All
  7. Valerie JuneShakedown
  8. Tim WilliamsNobody’s Fault & Poor Boy
  9. Shakey Graves (he was one of my hubby’s favourites when we saw him a couple years back) – Roll the Bones 
  10. The Jerry CansUkiuq
  11. La Santa CeciliaCalaverita
  12. DarlingsideThe God of Loss

I can’t wait to be on the hill again this August.


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