She wrote the songs – Golden girl

Lotti Golden is a cult icon of the late 60s music scene. She was one of the creative women that began to demand that their share of the spotlight shine on the unique perspective of women, not just on women’s voices singing men’s words. I found her in my early 20s when I ended up with a record someone gave me. That record is lost. Sadly, she isn’t on iTunes (unless I’m doing something wrong) so she won’t be found by another generation of women. As my favour to you, I’m going to share her.

From her 1969 album Motor-cycle:

Gonna Fay’s

A Lot Like Lucifer

This is also a great song, from a 1971 album:

Staircase between the floors

Or this song also from 1971:

 Sock It To Me Baby-It’s Your Thing

In the 80s she moved into writer producer roles, and co-wrote some fabulous songs.

Brenda K. Starr ‎- Pickin’ Up Pieces

Warp 9 – Beat Wave 

Diana Ross – Dirty looks

E.G. Daily – Some People

I hope you enjoyed this little intro to an artist that isn’t in the spotlight anymore. See if you can find her music elsewhere. I know I’m going to keep looking for her in discount LP bins every chance I get. 


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