Baroque January

I have no formal education in music, just a keen interest. Anything I know about classical music I have gleaned myself over time, and I’m learning as I go.

The Baroque era was an early part of that self-lead musical discovery. Many works of classical music that I encountered early in my adulthood came out of the Late Baroque period.

The Baroque was both a long and significant era in western music.

It’s broken into three parts, conveniently named Early (1550–99), Middle (1600–49), and Late (1650–99), with 50 transitional years on either end to stretch the entire era to 250 years. Modern composition styles that many would most easily identify as classical music, like the concerto, sonata, and symphony, originate in this period. Given the length and influence, I feel like the Baroque deserves it’s own blog series, separate from other classical music.

Below are some January born or baptized Baroque era composers whose works I’ve come across.


Antonio Maria Abbatini



Johann Hermann Schein

Christoph Bernhard

Portrait of Adam Krieger by Romstet

Johann Friedrich Alberti

Adam Krieger  

Pietro Filippo Scarlatti



Gregor Joseph Werner

William Hayes (transition) 

Christoph Graupner

Jacques Duphly (transition) 

Johann Joachim Quantz

Joseph-Hector Fiocco (transition)

Antonio Veracini  

Giuseppe Sammartini

Johann Georg Pisendel


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