Arts Intersecting – Cultural Infidels

What I love about the arts is how they inspire each other, borrow from each other, and learn from each other. No art form is unadulterated, no artist completely faithful to her own art form. There are arts for each of our senses, and muses are shared.

This blog is about music. Music frequently tips its collective hat to the other arts and other artists. I thought that would make an interesting blog series.

One of the things that I believe the arts do in common is to serve as a challenge to complacency and status quo. Paintings like Picasso’s Guernica, books like Machiavelli’s The Prince, plays like Václav Havel’s The Memo and songs like One Tin Soldier all elevate the challenge of injustice to an art. They all do it.

So to start out an ongoing, but occasional series of blogs about musical homages and references to the other arts, beginning here with the song Cultural Infidel (lyrics here) by Jimmy Buffet because it ties into my point above point.

Cultural Infidel by Jimmy Buffett (lyrics here)

This song contains a hat-tip to Picasso, Manet, Hemingway, The Rolling Stones, George Bernard Shaw (St. Joan), and more.

And as an extra bonus:

Frenchman for the Night by Jimmy Buffett (lyrics here)

The song contains a reference to Monet.

There are many more examples of music referencing and paying tribute to other arts and artists. This won’t be the last blog about it.