Classical composers – the September edition

I have broad, perhaps somewhat eclectic taste in music. Most of the genres outside what gets airplay on popular radio I stumbled upon by accident. Our culture doesn’t really expose young people en masse to much more than current popular music. And that’s a shame. So it feels like a good idea to do my bit to mitigate our cultural musical myopia.

Below are 30 works of classical music composed by artists born in September whose works I have enjoyed – one for each day of the month.

Franjo_KrežmaFranjo Krežma (Sept 2, 1862) was a Croatian violinist and composer.

Constantijn Huygens (Sept 4, 1596) was last of the true Dutch Renaissance virtuosos and a Golden Age composer.

bruknerAnton Bruckner (Sept 4, 1824) was a composer whose works are representative of the end of Austro-German Romanticism.

Milhaud_1923Darius Milhaud (Sept 4, 1892) was a modernist composer, member of Les Six and one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century.

František Václav Míča (Sept 5, 1694) was a Czech composer.

diabelliAnton Diabelli (Sept 5, 1781) was best known as the composer of the waltz on which Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his set of thirty-three Diabelli Variations.

Sebastian Knüpfer (Sept 6, 1633) was a composer almost entirely of religious works.

Walford_Davies_001Sir Henry Walford Davies (Sept 6, 1869) was a composer, and Master of the King’s Music from 1934 until 1941. His best-known work comes from that time.

François Francœur (Sept 8, 1698) was a composer and violinist.

Antonín Leopold Dvořák (Sept 8, 1841) was a composer. Many of Dvořák’s compositions were  inspired by Slavic traditional music.

pijperWillem Pijper (Sept 8, 1894 ) was a composer considered to be among the most important Dutch composers of the first half of the 20th century.

boyce2William Boyce (baptised Sept 11 1711) was an composer and organist. known for his set of eight symphonies, his anthems and his odes.

Friedrich Kuhlau (Sept 11 1786) was a German-born Danish composer during the Classical and Romantic periods. He was a central figure of the Danish Golden Age.

Theodor_KullakTheodor Kullak (Sept 12, 1818) was a pianist, composer, and teacher.

Salvador Chinoria (Sept 12, 1898) was a composer. helped to promote new music At the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939, Bacarisse exiled himself to Paris after rejecting the militarist regime of Francisco Franco

shoenbergArnold Schoenberg (Sept 13, 1874 ) was a composer, With the rise of the Nazi Party, by 1938 Schoenberg’s works were labelled as degenerate music because he was Jewish

Johann Michael Haydn (Sept 14, 1737) was an Austrian composer of the Classical period, the younger brother of Joseph Haydn.

KjerulfHalfdan Kjerulf (Sept 17, 1815 ) was a composer. His fame rests mainly on his partsongs and solos. His piano music is equally charming. Edvard Grieg was an enthusiastic admirer.

Jenő Hubay (Sept 15, 1858 ) was a Hungarian violinist, composer and music teacher.

Bruno Walter (Sept 15, 1876) was a pianist and composer. Born in Berlin, he left Germany in 1933 to escape the Third Reich.

bernersGerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners (Sept 18, 1883) was a British composer of classical music.

PizzettiIldebrando Pizzetti (Sept 20, 1880) was an composer of classical music.

Gustav Theodore Holst (Sept 21, 1874) was a composer, best known for his orchestral suite The Planets,

Giovanni Maria Bononcini (Sept 23, 1642) was a composer, the father of a musical dynasty.

Julius Klengel (Sept 24, 1859) was a cellist who is most famous for his etudes and solo pieces written for the instrument.

lembaArtur Lemba (Sept 24, 1885) was an composer and piano teacher, and one of the most important figures in Estonian classical music.

PichlVáclav Pichl (Sept 25, 1741) was a classical Czech composer of the 18th Century.

Wenzel Müller (Sept 26, 1767) was an Austrian composer and conductor.

Florent_Schmitt_1900Florent Schmitt (Sept 28, 1870) was a French composer.

Jacques-Martin Hotteterre (Sept 29, 1674) was a Frenchcomposer and flautist. Jacques-Martin Hotteterre was the most celebrated of a family of wind instrument makers and wind performers.